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The approval of any improvement the Architectural Review Committee does not waive the necessity of obtaining any city and/or county permits. Obtaining a city and/or county permit does not waive the need for Architectural Review Committee approval.


1. Applications: All applications  for approval shall be made to the Architectural Review Committee.


Please note that no work can begin prior to Architectural Review Committee approval.


2. Standard Forms: All requests of Architectural Review Committee approval must be made on standard Homeowners Association form.


3. Required Copies: Three (3) complete sets of plans, showing the items requested in Section D of these standards must be submitted with the application.


4. Non-Liability: Plans and specification are not approved for engineering design. By approving such plans and specifications neither the Committee, the members therefore, the Association, the members, nor the Board of Directors assumes liability or responsibility therefore, or for any defect in structure constructed from such plans, and specification.


5. Violations: All owners and residents have the right to bring to the attention of the Architectural Review Committee any violations of any provisions or standards, which the Board of Directors has adopted.


Download the HOA form here

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